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Physical access control is a matter of who, where, and when. An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. Historically, this was partially accomplished through keys and locks.

Electronic access control uses systems to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys, and a wide range of credentials can be used to do so. The electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented. When access is granted, the mechanism controlling access is unlocked for a predetermined time and the transaction is recorded. When access is refused, the mechanism remains locked and the attempted access is recorded. The system can also monitor the door and alarm if the door is forced open or held open too long after being unlocked.

These systems include, card readers, RFID proximity readers and biometric controls such as fingerprint readers.

SecurityWorx offer the complete range of Access Control products, and a certified to supply, install and maintain industry leading Control products such as Controlsoft and Ametek.

Established in 1991, Controlsoft have 25 years experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of Access Control Solutions. We are experts in our industry sector and offer a comprehensive range of access control solutions that are not only price competitive but easy for both our partners to install and their end user customers to manage. With over 10,000 systems in daily use around the world, we are reliable and committed to excellence in our products, customer service and support. Controlsoft believe in long term partnerships with both our Customers and Suppliers.

Source: www.controlsoft.com

our services include the installation & MAINTENANCE of:

Audio & Video Intercom Systems.
Keypad Access Control.
Proximity Reader Access Control.
Biometrics’ (Fingerprint) Access Control.
Facial Recognitions Access Control.
Remote Controls & Receivers.
GSM Intercoms & Access Control Devices.
Magnetic locks.
Bank Booth Controllers.